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What is YUMYUM garden?

Ocean view
Small farm

YUMYUM garden is located on the mountainside of Ogimi village in the northern part of Okinawa prefecture, which is said to be Yanbaru. Even though it's a farm, this project has just started. We start from soil preparation while learning about natural farming, the way of thinking and methods of soil environment, and the role of soil microorganisms so that many delicious foods will be produced soon.


Eventually, the farm will be managed by no-till farming that incorporates natural farming and permaculture techniques. We would like to make it an ocean view campsite and accommodation facility where you can stay.


Permaculture designed building

The building in the YUMYUM garden was built by a former owner who was a permaculture teacher based on the idea of permaculture. Water supply, is provided with the backup function of the infrastructure, such as gas, be at peace of mind even in the event of a disaster. We open accommodations free of charge to those who can help.

Learn together and create together

This is our first attempt, and we are creating it while studying knowledge of natural farming and the soil environment through books and the Internet. In the future, we plan to invite friends and teachers who are familiar with natural farming methods to hold workshops and create an environment where we can learn together. I think there may be mistakes, but I would like to make it a place for learning in actual battles, including those mistakes.



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